Covid-19 Ag Test Got Brazil ANVISA Approval

On May 02, 2022, Innovita 2019-nCoV Ag Test obtained Brazil ANVISA Approval.


Innovita is one of the earliest companies in China engaged in the research and development of Covid-19 test products, and one of the first companies to obtain the NMPA & FDA 2019-nCoV antibody test certification in 2020. Innovita has a full range of Covid-19 test products, including antigen test, antibody test, PCR test, etc.  And the company has obtained access certification from many countries in the world. The products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions around the world. A mature product research and development system and sales channel system have been accumulated.

Up to now, Innovita covid-19 antigen test for professional use and self-test use have obtained EU CE, Australia TGA certification, Brazil ANVISA certification and the market access qualifications of Germany, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina, the Philippines, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, etc.


Post time: May-03-2022